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Facebook Refuses To Change Name Policy After Meeting with Drag Queens, Temporarily Restores Deleted Profiles


After the social network begin enforcing its 'real names' policy, requiring that all users go by their legal name online, drag queens who found their accounts shut down were in an uproar and successfully set a meeting with Facebook to discuss the policy. That meeting, also attended by openly gay member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rudy Campos, took place today and did not result in any change on Facebook's part. The AP reports:

Facebook said it will keep the accounts active for two weeks so people can decide whether to provide their real names.

Several drag queens and Supervisor David Campos said at a news conference at San Francisco City Hall that they are disappointed that Facebook didn't change its policy after the two sides met for about an hour Wednesday. Campos said Facebook has agreed to another meeting.

According to The Bay Area Reporter, Campos also added, "After an hour of discussion, we have yet to hear from Facebook they agree the policy is wrong.”

Meanwhile, Sister Roma, one of the most vocal drag queens who has been opposing Facebook's policy, said she was ready to mount a large-scale protest if necessary, saying, "We're always ready to go." For the drag queens and for Mr. Campos, Facebook's policy represents a real danger for many at risk minorities:

"They're claiming they're trying to create a safe environment," but [Roma] and others have heard from people who have escaped abusive spouses and "the only outlet they have is through Facebook."

[Heklina] said safety is a concern for her. "I have crazy family members" who she doesn't want to be able to find her. [...]

Advocates said that LGBT employees at Facebook have been pushing their cause, and Roma said, "There are people on both sides of this issue within the company.” [...]

"This issue is way bigger than a bunch of drag queens complaining because we can't use our stage names," Roma said in a news release. "This policy is discriminatory and potentially dangerous to a variety of Facebook users, including abused and battered women, bullied teens, political activists, sex workers, and especially members of the transgender community; all examples of people who use pseudonyms to ensure their safety and privacy." 

(Photo via Twitter)

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Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Intervenes In Same-Sex Divorce Case

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73d9f9dfa970d-200wiMississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) is opposing an appeal from a lesbian woman who is asking the state’s supreme court to recognize her gay marriage performed out of state so the state may subsequently grant a divorce. Bryant is being represented by the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. The Clarion-Ledger reports:

The high court said Monday that it would hear the case instead of assigning it to the Court of Appeals. Tuesday, justices approved Bryant's motion to intervene. It's unclear if the court will hear oral arguments or when it might rule.

In 2013, DeSoto County Chancery Judge Mitchell Lundy Jr. ruled that the Mississippi Constitution and statutes prevented him from granting a divorce to Lauren Czekala-Chatham and Dana Ann Melancon.

The women married in San Francisco in 2008 and bought a house in Mississippi before separating in 2010. They could divorce in California, but Czekala-Chatham says she shouldn't be treated differently than straight couples. 

Just last month, the campaign for Southern Equality urged same-sex couples in Mississippi to petition their local government offices to recognize their out-of-state unions, and at least one Mississippi couple was successful. It is unclear how that might affect the court’s ruling if at all.

Wesley Hisaw, Czekala-Chatham's lawyer, did mention that the U.S. Supreme Court may have an impact on this lower court decision. You’ll recall, SCOTUS will review five same-sex marriage cases behind closed doors on September 29.

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NEWS: House Vote on Syria, ‘Encyclopedia Madonnica', Bangladesh, James McAvoy

Gop RoadNYT: House Votes to Authorize Aid to Syrian Rebels in ISIS Fight

RoadZachary Quinto on James Franco's interest in gay subject matter: "My feeling about James, in particular, is that he’s someone who is really interested in generating a dialogue… So I feel like putting it out there, and putting it out there in different ways, is something that’s interesting and something that I don’t think people should shy away from."

Road"Queen" Britney may be extending her stay in Vegas.

RoadMatthew Rettenmund over at Boy Culture launches Kickstarter for Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition: "The planned book will be a much-overdue update to 1995's Encyclopedia Madonnica, which, for years, was the literary authority on all things Madonna, featuring exhaustive A to Z entries on all of the superstar's hit albums, videos, movies and tours, not to mention her Michigan upbringing, private relationships and business deals."

Bangladesh RoadBangladesh set to veto UN proposal that would provide rights for lesbian and gay people: “It goes against our values. Like many other countries including those Muslims and Christian, we opposed it,” Bangladesh Permanent Representative to the UN Abdul Momen told the Dhaka Tribune."

RoadMash-up: OITNB meets The Golden Girls.

RoadPeter Thiel slams Twitter, says there's "a lot of pot smoking going on over there."

RoadExtended trailer for season 4 of Revenge.

Theo RoadTheo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy goes for a shirtless run, provides some eye candy.

RoadFolsom Street Fair is coming to San Francisco this weekend (and it's work unfriendly).

RoadLupita Nyong'o and Elmo make a cute couple.

RoadIs The Imitation Game 'strangely shy' about Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch)'s sexuality?

RoadApparently, the idea for AHS Freak Show came from Jessica Lange herself.

RoadMatt Bomer cops a feel with Liv Tyler.

RoadJames McAvoy talks to Out Magazine about straight actors playing gay: “I think actors have always wanted to play those parts. They’re just not so bothered now about what those roles might say about their personal lives. It’s a nice wee sign of the times.”

RoadInappropriate selfie: A Source Tells CNN That Joan Rivers’ ENT Doctor Snapped A Selfie With Her During Her Throat Procedure

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Iowa Lesbian Couple Wed After 72 Years Together Speaks Out: VIDEO


Earlier this month, we told you about Vivian Boyack (91) and Alice “Nonie” Dubes (90), the Iowa couple who finally tied the knot after being together for 72 years. The story of their wedding went viral and suddenly, two women who had learned to live very private and quiet lives were thrust into the spotlight. After numerous requests for interviews, Vivian and Nonie finally decided to open up and share their story. The Des Moines Register reports: 

They got flowers and letters from people they didn't even know.

For so long, their love was not public. But when the news broke about their Sept. 6 wedding, their story was spread across the Internet and social media. In one week, decades of silence ended. They had never before talked to anyone about their relationship.

"In all those 72 years, no one said anything about it, either negative or positive," said Vivian, 91, sitting across the dining hall table from Nonie, 90, on Wednesday at a Davenport retirement community where they have lived since 1987.

Though the couple says, "we've always been married in our hearts," their friend Jerry Yeast, whose known the pair since he was in college, noticed one remarkable change in the couple since they said "I do":

"I began to hear them addressing each other as 'sweetie' or 'dear' which they had never done before in public," he said. "They had learned to live with their heads down so long. And now they don't have to live with their heads down."

Watch the touching interview with the couple, AFTER THE JUMP...


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‘Mean Girls’ Alum Jonathan Bennett Makes His Debut On ‘Dancing With the Stars’: VIDEO


Jonathan Bennett, better known to some as Aaron Samuels, gave his first performance on Dancing With The Stars Monday night. He and his partner turned out a jive that can only be described as "grool." 


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Rep. Jared Polis Files Discharge Petition for ENDA with Narrowed Religious Exemption

6a00d8341c730253ef01a511e857e6970c-320wiOut Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) announced today that he has filed a discharge petition in the House of Representatives for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Polis is the chief sponsor of ENDA and is also the co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus. From Rep. Polis' statement:

A discharge petition is a procedure to force a vote on legislation if it receives signatures from the majority of the House of Representatives. This move comes after the House Republican leadership has continued to refuse to hold a vote on this bipartisan bill.
“This is common sense legislation that is supported by a majority of Americans and was passed overwhelmingly by the United States Senate,” said Rep. Polis. “The Republicans have been dragging their feet on this bill for too long, allowing workplace discrimination against hardworking LGBT Americans to continue. In our nation that was founded on the notion that with hard work and dedication anyone can get ahead, it is unthinkable that employees can still be fired for who they love or what gender they are. I hope Members from both sides of the aisle will sign this petition and protect all Americans from discrimination in the work place.”

In July, some speculated that a discharge petition was a likely move that Polis would make. Meanwhile, many activist groups, including the ACLU, Lambda Legal, NCLR and Transgender Law Center pulled their support from ENDA because of a religious exemption in the legislation. The HRC held on though, insisting that a narrower religious exemption was needed as a way forward. Polis soon took action in hopes of keeping ENDA alive. The Washington Blade reports:

Following the outcry of these groups, Polis introduced a resolution before the House Rules Committee, H.Res. 678, that would narrow ENDA’s religious exemption in the event the committee approved the bill for a vote on the House floor.

It’s that version of ENDA that would come up for a vote if the discharge petition is successful. But it remains to be seen how that version of ENDA would fare in the Senate, where a more expanded religious exemption was deemed necessary for passage.

If passed, ENDA would "bar employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, if a majority of House members, or 218, sign the petition."

You can read the discharge petition HERE.

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